“Interesting characters seek details, details make perfection, and perfection is what we do”

Massimo Mancini

Founded in 1989 by Massimo Mancini, O-Six was born as a response to the monotony and creative void of late 1980’s design. The brand successfully survived an industry time period of dull patterns, gaining following for its uniqueness, superior craftsmanship and attractive styles. Within the following decades, many brands decided to relocate their production to emerging countries pushed by lowering production costs while O-six remained a handmade product manufactured under rigorous control in Italy’s Valle del Cadore, the eye capital of the world.

Since 2016, O-Six became another brand in the Thema family factory portfolio, fundamentally maintaining the techniques that define an Italian hand-made masterpiece. The new O-Six collection is a clever reflection of the brand’s commitment to remain decidedly traditional and hand-made, boasting colorful options, shapes and exceptional details.