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Temples Size 135mm
Bridge Size 17mm
Eye Size 56mm
This design presented me with a huge challenge, but it turned out to be a very unique experience. Creating a unique design with a practical function, required a new approach and a new way of conceiving my artwork. I started with the act of flying, that could be considered merely a way of getting from point A to point B, or in a more romantic vision, an act that is the expression of freedom. In either case, flight bundles together a set of appealing ideas such as travel, migration and adventure. I wanted to base my design on the figure of a bird with its wings open, combining elements such as aerodynamics, essential for remaining airborne, and structural strength. The colors represent the complementary colors of the earth and sky, thus evoking a horizon that is not entirely tangible. ‘The anatomy of birds has evolved as an adaptation to flight which requires the body structure to be light weight without compromising its strength’.