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Temples Size 145mm
Bridge Size 31mm
Eye Size 38mm
To enter the ‘O-Six for Art’ competition, I harnessed my inspiration from the design objects that have always fascinated me - Tiffany lamps. They are unique and very special pieces made from fragments of glass that when brought together, form designs inspired by nature such as: flowers, insects, and animals. This is how I wanted to design my spectacle frames, with their own glass decorations. To create my own version of the original lamp decorations, I fell back on my own name, Debora, that means ‘bee’ in Hebrew. Playing with these two ideas combined, I created a spectacle frame formed from lots of little colored hexagons that resemble beehives. The frame creates a mental picture of a horizontal number eight, which is the symbol of infinity with a slanting bridge in the middle. The outer parts look like two little butterfly wings.